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Minutes from alternative sources singing at Lin and Benny’s, 30 November 2014

Shorter and smaller this month, but some amazing songs! We sang 39 songs from the Georgian Harmony, Shenandoah Harmony, Cooper, Christian Harmony and the Tyneside Christmas packet. (If you’d like further information on the packet songs, get in touch)

Further information about the Shenandoah Harmony, and downloads, available here

1 Advent (Georgian Harmony)

2 Heavens rejoice (Georgian Harmony)

6 Grace descendancy (Georgian Harmony)

50 Celebration (Georgian Harmony)

90 The Stork Carol (Georgian Harmony)

150 Visitation (Georgian Harmony)

151 Mount Ida (Georgian Harmony)

168 Prince of Peace (Georgian Harmony)

175 Eden (Georgian Harmony)

214 Anno Domini (Georgian Harmony)

220 Hallman (Georgian Harmony)

18b A song of Texas (Shenandoah Harmony)

19 Woodbury (Shenandoah Harmony)

54 Walworth (Shenandoah Harmony)

448 Carol (Shenandoah Harmony)

55 Ball Hill (Shenandoah Harmony)

53 Lisbon (Shenandoah Harmony)

5 Angel’s Hymn (Shenandoah Harmony)

50 Frewsburgh (Shenandoah Harmony)

Lloyd (C Howard, Sheffield Carols)

Armley (Tyneside Christmas Packet)

Antioch (Tyneside Christmas Packet)

25th (Tyneside Christmas Packet)

Cradle Hymn (Tyneside Christmas Packet)

82t Lady touch thy harp (Christian Harmony)

82b Gospel waves (Christian Harmony)

549 The drone (Christian Harmony)

250 Realms of the blest (Christian Harmony)

492t Ramesis (Christian Harmony)

274 Mother tell me of the angels (Christian Harmony)

99 Gospel Trumpet (Cooper)

275 Missionary’s farewell (Christian Harmony)

432 Fishpond (Christian Harmony)

16 The Flower (Christian Harmony)

228 Pass me not (Christian Harmony)

13 Traveller’s Hope (Christian Harmony)

143 Farther along (Christian Harmony)

142 Solid rock (Christian Harmony)

546 The Holy Spirit (Christian Harmony)

And that’s it for 2014! The next Fifth Sunday falls on 29 March 2015


Minutes from alternative sources singing at Lin and Benny’s, 29 September 2013

This month we sang songs by Raymond Hamrick, from the Shenandoah Harmony, the ‘Newcastle 5th Sunday packet’ and two new / old songs brough along by Mark.

Our thanks, as always, to everyone who joined us – it was a wonderful afternoon of singing.

Further information about the Shenandoah Harmony, and downloads, available here

We started with a round from Raymond Hamrick’s Georgian Harmony

124 Byron

253 Durham

143 Sand Hill

236 Fiddler

25 Humility

104 Tatnall

216 Walker

Then we moved on to the Shenandoah Harmony

225 Surprise

214 Northborough

380 Autumn

236b Maquoketa

101 Madness

195 Hudson Valley

235 Baltimore

162 All is well

22b Psalm 30

before breaking for tea

Then a few songs from the Newcastle 5th Sunday packet

Hoboken Mercy Seat

Low Walker (Fynn Titford-Mock)

Weep not for me

Then one of Mark’s songs  – Killing(s)worth by John Hoyt Hickock from Evangelical Musick 1834

Walkley (Newcastle 5th Sunday Packet)

Red Sea Anthem

Then back to Shenandoah Harmony

172 St James

168 New Durham

169 Okefenokee

Not made with hands (Newcastle 5th Sunday Packet)

264 Millbrook

Dothan from American Harmonist 1821 (brought along by Mark)

265 Evening Hymn

174 Faithful soldier

222 A funeral hymn

326t We’ve no abiding city here

41 The flower

78 Stafford

120t I walked abroad

viii When Jesus wept

429 Symyadda

204 Wake up

305 Though dark be my way

241t Sinner can you hate the savior

(More tea and cake along the way)

The next Fifth Sunday will be on 29 December 2013.