Minutes from alternative sources singing at Lin and Benny’s, 30 March 2014

This month we sang 44 songs in total (and lots of verses for many of them) –  from the Shenandoah Harmony, the updated ‘Tyneside 5th Sunday’ packet, the Cooper book, the Christian Harmony packet, and some new old songs brought along by Mark. Themes which emerged spontaneously were – songs by Fynn, songs with birds in them, and songs about mothers (as it was Mothering Sunday and thanks to Caleb, Alice and Gabriel we even had simnel cake to celebrate with)

Further information about the Shenandoah Harmony, and downloads, available here

We started with a Fynn Titford-Mock round from the Tyneside 5th Sunday packet

Heath Street


Iverley Edge

Low Walker


278 Hauff (Shenandoah Harmony)

St Oswalds (Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

Crane Lane  (Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

178 Hosanna (Cooper)

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (Enoch Sontonga 1897, arranged by Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

Washington’s Dirge (Uri K Hill, download from Shenandoah Harmony website)

Take Salvation (William Owen, Y Perl Cerddorol 1854, arranged by Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

222 Funeral Hymn (Shenandoah Harmony)

364t Confidence (Shenandoah Harmony)

200 Attention (Shenandoah Harmony)

169 Okefenokee (Shenandoah Harmony)

326b Good Old Way (Shenandoah Harmony)

108 Amazing Grace (Shenandoah Harmony)

120t I Walked Abroad (Shenandoah Harmony)

Hauxley (Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

571 Not made with hands (Cooper)

Gloom (B McKyes Colonial Harmonist 1832 Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

Elsworthy Road (Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

226 Thorny Desert (Shenandoah Harmony)

101 An address for all (Christian Harmony)

67 Greenfield (Shenandoah Harmony)

Hephzibah (Husbands, Wyeth’s Repository of Sacred Music 1826)

Leaning on the everlasting arms (Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

156 Female Convict (Shenandoah Harmony)

233 Hosannah (Shenandoah Harmony)

455 Rockbridge (Christian Harmony)

402 Buzzard’s Glory (Shenandoah Harmony)

96 Mercy Seat (Cooper)

264b Millbrook (Shenandoah Harmony)

235 Baltimore (Shenandoah Harmony)

488 / 587 Nearer my God to thee (Cooper)

Few days (John G McCurry 1855 Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

399 Humble Penitent (Shenandoah Harmony)

142 The solid rock (Christian Harmony)

432 Fish Pond (Christian Harmony)

305 Tho’ Dark Be My Way (Shenandoah Harmony)

419 Rockingham (Christian Harmony)

500 Sweet by and by (Cooper)

203 Cumberland (Christian Harmony)

(We had breaks for tea & food)

The next Fifth Sunday falls on 29 June 2014 – which is the day after the Leeds all day singing, if people are interested in making a weekend of it up North