Minutes from alternative sources singing at Lin and Benny’s, 29 December 2013

This month we sang 51 songs in total –  from the Shenandoah Harmony, the updated ‘Tyneside 5th Sunday’ and Christmas packets, the Cooper book, the Christian Harmony packet, and one completely new song brought along by Calum. It was an amazing afternoon of singing, and thank you, as always, to everyone who came along.

Further information about the Shenandoah Harmony, and downloads, available here

We started with Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (Enoch Sontonga 1897, arranged by Fynn Titford-Mock)

Not made with hands (Cooper 571)

Hauxley (Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

Sweet Harmony (Southern Harmony, sheet)

Goodshaw (Aldous Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

Twentyfifth (Tyneside Christmas packet)

Rockingham (Christian Harmony packet 419)

Angel band (Christian Harmony 117)

Glory shone around (Shenandoah Harmony 180)

Bennington (Shenandoah Harmony 408)

Armley (Tyneside Christmas packet)

Balm in Gilead (Shenandoah Harmony 243)

Rapturous Scene (Christian Harmony 123)

New Orleans (Shenandoah Harmony 57)

Morning Star (Shenandoah Harmony 220)

Carol (Shenandoah Harmony 448)

Cradle Hymn (new composition, C. Woods)

Star in the east (Shenandoah Harmony 132)

I won’t turn back (Christian Harmony 372)

Youthful blessings (Shenandoah Harmony 114)

Bethlehem (Tyneside Christmas packet)

Maquoketa ((Shenandoah Harmony 236b)

Davis (Cooper 575)

Hark Hark (Shenandoah Harmony 111)

Boston  (Shenandoah Harmony 245)

Broad Street Ministry (Shenandoah Harmony 269)

Walworth (Shenandoah Harmony 54)

Leaning on the everlasting arms (Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

Symyadda (Shenandoah Harmony 429)

Berne (Shenandoah Harmony 227)

Fish pond (Christian Harmony 432b)

Rockbridge (Christian Harmony 455b)

Bensham (Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

Millbrook (Shenandoah Harmony 227)

Shepherds arise (Shenandoah Harmony 408b)

Boulder (Shenandoah Harmony 242)

Tribulation (Christian Harmony 144t)

Behold a sinner (Cooper 479)

Doomsday (Shenandoah Harmony 76t)

Antioch (from sheet)

Sinner, can you hate the savior? (Shenandoah Harmony 241t)

Amboy (Shenandoah Harmony 170)

Voice to the shepherds (Shenandoah Harmony 239)

Cumberland (Christian Harmony 203)

Lenox New (Tyneside Christmas packet)

Wabash (Shenandoah Harmony 61)

Nuremburg (Shenandoah Harmony 157)

Beach Spring (Tyneside Christmas packet)

Rhydithon (Fynn Titford-Mock Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

The watchman’s call (Christian Harmony 205)

The golden hill (Christian Harmony 65)

Walkley (Tyneside 5th Sunday Packet)

Perfect Love (Shenandoah Harmony 136)

Paradise (Shenandoah Harmony 404)

(We had breaks for tea & food)

The next Fifth Sunday will be on 30 March 2014.