Minutes from alternative sources singing at Lin and Benny’s, 31 March 2013

This month we celebrated the publication of the Shenandoah Harmony, brought back to Newcastle from Cork by Phil and Jo.

Our thanks, as always, to everyone who joined us – it was a wonderful afternoon of singing.

As we had people joining us through the afternoon, we decided that if a latecomer called a song we’d already sung, we’d repeat it – in the event, only one song was called twice (and we enjoyed it very much both times!)

Further information about the Shenandoah Harmony, and downloads, available here

We opened with the round on page viii, When Jesus Wept

117 Buckfield

60B In evil long

187b Bright Season

54 Walworth

200 Attention

201 Diana

298t Little Marlborough

413 Marcia

428 Psalm 119

195 Hudson Valley

115 Complaint

254 Pennsylvania

129 Freta

221 Friendship

326 The good old way

424 Musgrave

334 Gethsemane

173 Jacob’s Well

356 Braintree

368 Will you go

274 Zion

306 Buonaparte

34 Solemn Thought

162 All is well

344 Springfield

1t Dublin

132 Star in the east

453 Crucifixion

204 Wake up

297 Night thought

408 Shepherds arise


165  A doleful sound

434 French Broad

274 Zion

414b Poole

429 Symyadda

418b Leicester

156 Female convict

373 Weeping Mary

183 Paris

411 Missouri

333 True Happiness

265 The evening hymn

352 Cumberland

264b Millbrook

424 Walpole

338 Meek

147 River of Jordan

153 Carmel

22b Psalm 30

The next Fifth Sunday will be on 30 June 2013.