Minutes from alternative sources singing at Lin and Benny’s, 30th December 2012.

Song names in orange are links to recordings of the songs (but not us singing!)

Sources in orange are links to where you can find the music online.

Please feel free to get in touch with any info/links to add.

(There’s normally singing from the Denson Sacred Harp on the last Tuesday of the month in Newcastle at St Oswald’s Hospice. As the last Tuesday in December fell on 25th this year, we incorporated it in today’s session – hence a lot of songs from the red book)

Sessions (Cooper 38t)

Windham (Denson Sacred Harp 38b)

Cusseta (Denson Sacred Harp 73t)

Saints’ Delight (Denson Sacred Harp 114)

Not Made with Hands (Cooper 571)

Sweet Prospect (Denson Sacred Harp 65)

Nashville (Denson Sacred Harp 64)

Granville (Denson Sacred Harp 547)

Converting Grace (Denson Sacred Harp 230)

Wood Street (Denson Sacred Harp 504)

Siroë (Christmas Song arr. from Handel’s Siroë, Henry Smith’s The Church Harmony 1837)

Wondrous Love (Denson Sacred Harp 159)

Weep Not For Me (Fynn Titford-Mock, The Trumpet)

The Rock that is Higher than I ((Denson Sacred Harp 496)

Poland (Denson Sacred Harp 86)

Walpole (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 40)

Pennsylvania  (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 50)

Boylston (Denson Sacred Harp  147t)

Bound for Canaan (Denson Sacred Harp 82t)

Love shall never die  (Denson Sacred Harp  278t)

Gospel Trumpet  (Denson Sacred Harp  99)


Wayfaring Stranger (Denson Sacred Harp 457)

Cambridge (Denson Sacred Harp  287)

Raymond (Denson Sacred Harp 441)

Oxford (Denson Sacred Harp  306)

Psalm 30 (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 1b)

Cork (Fynn Titford-Mock)

Derrick (TW Carter The Christian Harmony)

Hampton (Denson Sacred Harp  238)

When I am gone (Denson Sacred Harp 339)

Fulfilment (Denson Sacred Harp  102)

Portuguese Hymn (Denson Sacred Harp  223)

Ode on life’s journey (Denson Sacred Harp  227)

Plenary (Denson Sacred Harp 162)

Clamanda (Denson Sacred Harp 42)

In Evil Long (American Vocalist)

Marlborough (Denson Sacred Harp  228)

Rhydithon (Fynn Titford-Mock)

Ninety third Psalm (Denson Sacred Harp 31t)

Thanks to all who came from far and near to fill our home with song and laughter. The next fifth Sunday will be 31 March 2013.