Minutes from alternative sources singing at Lin and Benny’s, 30th September 2012.

Song names in orange are links to recordings of the songs (but not us singing!)

Sources in orange are links to where you can find the music online.

Please feel free to get in touch with any info/links to add.


Hauxley (Fynn Titford-Mock, The Trumpet)

Not Made with Hands (Cooper 571)

Dear Name! The Rock on Which I Stand (Cooper 367)

Hester (Cooper 336t) 

The Shepherd’s Star (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 38)

Friendship (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 7)

Walpole (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 40)

Marcia (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 33)

Loving Kindness (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 45)

Berne (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 44)

Jesmond Dene (Fynn Titford-Mock)

Christian’s Delight (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 63)

Wayfaring Stranger (The Song-Crowned King/alto Fynn Titford-Mock)

Despair (Justin Morgan, Northern Harmony)

Despair (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 39)

Millbrook (Neely Bruce, Hamm Harmony)

Coromandel (American Musical Magazine)

Little Marlborough (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 41)

Davis (Cooper 575)


Gospel Trumpet (Cooper 99)

Psalm 30 (Shenandoah Harmony Packet 1b)

Ten Thousand Charms (Hal Kunkel)


Not Made with Hands (Cooper 571)

Weep Not For Me (Fynn Titford-Mock, The Trumpet)


Thanks to all who came and as always to Lin and Benny for wonderful hosting!

The next fifth Sunday is 30th December, please get in touch nearer the time for details about what will happen- the Newcastle monthly singing wont be taking place as it falls on Christmas day, so the fifth Sunday may include red book singing.