Here’s the minutes from the first of our more regular alternative sources singing.

Dublin (Shenandoah Harmony)

Not Made with Hands (Cooper 571)

Despair (American Musical Magazine/Shenandoah Harmony)

Walkley (arr Neely Bruce from oral tradition)

Millbrook (Neely Bruce)

Jargon (Billings, Singing Master’s Assistant)

Wayfaring Stranger (The Song-Crowned King/alto Fynn Titford-Mock)

Salutation (ed Fynn Titford-Mock)

Sessions (Cooper 38t)

Buonaparte (The Social Harp)

Psalm 30 (Shenandoah Harmony)

All is Well (American Church Harp, Alto Fynn Titford-Mock)

Garden Anthem (ed Fynn Titford-Mock)


Hauxley (Fynn Titford-Mock, The Trumpet)

Lintig (Fynn Titford-Mock)

Despair (Justin Morgan, Northern Harmony)

Providence (ed Fynn Titford-Mock)

Mount Zion (Cooper 220)

Davis (Cooper 575)

Unity (Cooper 488t)

Hester (Cooper 336t)

Bound for Canaan (Cooper 82t)

Martin (Cooper 451b)

Remember Me (Cooper 368t)

Let us Sing (Cooper 461)

Gospel Trumpet (Cooper 99)


Blackburn (The Social Harp)

Bangor (The Social Harp)

Weep Not For Me (Fynn Titford-Mock, The Trumpet)

Conflict (Harp of Ages arrangement)

Camden Palace (Fynn Titford-Mock)

In Evil Long (American Vocalist/Shenandoah Harmony)

O Turn Ye

Hebron (Cooper 264b)

Many thanks to Benny and Lin for hosting. The next Tyneside alternative sources singing will be Sunday 29th July.